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Hi!  Welcome to my blog – thanks for checking it out!

I am a twenty-something girl from South Florida, who has moved to New England in search of an exciting adventure. I come from a family whose favorite thing to do is eat! I grew up developing a spoiled palate, from fresh seafood, to authentic Italian family recipes, none of it was nice on the waistline.

In college, I gained that freshman fifteen, and some extra while trying to keep an insanely busy academic schedule. Graduating and starting a 9-5 job was a huge vacation for me! I have tons of free time, a lot of which I was ready to dedicate to the unhealthy and embarrassing image that stared back in the mirror.

This blog serves a lot of functions. First, it served as a documentation of my first summer in Boston, and the things I learned/enjoyed. I am pretty opinionated, and I love to talk. My problem is that once I get hooked on something, I tend to drive friends/family crazy with how mono-topiced my discussions are. This is where I let out all of those inner conversations I have with myself. So it’s sort of a diary, or source of reflection. And it will also hold me accountable to my vow to stay fit.

By no means am I a vegetarian, but I enjoy a lot of veggies! I am not a wholly clean eater, as I enjoy those “terrible” foodie treats, but I try to eat clean a lot of the time. This is not a food blog, and it’s not a workout blog. This is a place for me to put out all of those thoughts in my head, and see if anyone has something similar to add/debate/agree. I am by no means an expert on fitness, so if you are and have something to contribute to my training, let me know!

Currently, I am training for a collective of Military-Style Obstacle courses this summer with the Boyfriend. My fitness goals and practices will be listed here. I’ll let you know what works, what doesn’t, and how the events go. Stay tuned!


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