New Hampshire: Camping

I’m not posting about music today because I’m way too excited to share pictures from my amazing weekend adventures.


This past weekend, The Boyfriend and I decided to do things at our own pace, and get out of the city for another of our epic hikes.  We chose to visit the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and hike another section of the Appalachian Trail.  Since he has late hours at work, he didn’t arrive in Boston until 11pm on Friday night.

The agenda was to get some sleep and head out to the campsite early on Saturday morning, and hike the trail Saturday.  With alarms set for 7am and a goal to leave by 8 – we went to sleep.  Meanwhile…we remained unpacked for our adventure.

7am is really rude on a Saturday morning.  So rude, in fact, that we denied it’s existence until around 7:45….oops.  We got up and ate some cold slices of pizza, checked the internet, showered….and our bags remained empty.

Eventually, did some quick jumbling and assembled the necessities.  I had scored a $5 queen-sized air mattress off Craigslist last week, so I packed sheets.  We had discussed packing a blanket to sleep with, but I made the executive decision that it wasn’t going to be that cold, and a sheet would be just fine.

After a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts for java and a stop back home for forgotten essentials, we stopped for gas.  There was a minor mishap with my car/the oil/the oil tester dipping stick/our patience, and after an hour, some yelling, and some jubilant rejoicing – it was 10am and we headed toward New Hampshire.

Now, remember how I took some responsibility during the packing process and didn’t pack a blanket?  Ken decided that I was irresponsible and we needed one.  We made a stop at a certain corporate store that is a SUPERcenter of everything and picked up final camping essentials (food, cooler, airpump for mattress, and BLANKET).  I’m pretty sure it was about 3pm when we arrived at Franstead Campground, and they told us they had no vacancy.

We walked out of the office feeling defeated.  We had tried to make a reservation earlier in the week, but all the campgrounds required 2-night reservations.  Franstead told us on Monday that they had SIX open tent sights for Saturday night, and it was possible that we could do a drop-in for the night.  However, I’m sure that would have meant getting there before 3pm to secure a spot…

As we walked out the door, not sure where we were headed, Ken muttered something about should have booked 2 nights (an idea I vetoed because it was an irrational waste of money when surely we could get there early enough in the day to get one of the SIX sites), when the owner sauntered out the door of the office and said, “Wait, we might have something.”

With a leap of excitement, the anger that was brewing diminished.  The owner was mumbling about a tiny site, how he’d take us to see it on the golf cart, they usually don’t rent it out, since it’s only two of us for one night, but we can look to decide, yada yada.  In my head, I was thinking “I don’t care what it looks like, we’ll take it!”

OhEmGee it was perfect!  We quickly handed over our money and started making our home-for-the-night.

After we were set up, it was late. We decided to aim for the hike the next day…we poured ourselves a drink and set out exploring

The campsite had their own beach, and a brook that ran though it…

But sand wasn’t quite the forte here

Also down the brook was paths for tubing down the river! I wish I had brought an intertube….

Franstead is a super family friendly campground, and it was absolutely adorable. They had all kinds of games, wagon rides, ice cream socials, etc, scheduled during the evening. People who come here love this place, and leave a little harmless piece of themselves behind for next year

Even though it’s blurry, I’m posting this picture I took with a timer on my camera and a rock as a tripod because we were super happy

We played catch (by the end, I had caught a ball or two! I still hate it though), basketball, frisbee, horseshoes, football, and that games where you throw a rope with a ball attached to each end….and you try to wrap it on a stand w/ 3 vertical rings on it (what is the name of that game????)

We roasted veggies in our fire for dinner

We also bought a bag of marshmallows and appropriately made a s’more each. We sat in front of the fire talking and drinking NH brews until bedtime. There was no wind, so the smoke went straight up, and we were comfortable and warm.

Around 11:45pm we headed to bed. At one point, Ken noticed we could see our breath. I ignored this little portend.

Let me just share some excitement about our $5 air mattress…..

We picked up the airpump from the store on the way up because I had an adapter in my car that would turn my cigarette lighter into an actual wall plug, and then we could blow up our bed. However, when I turned on the pump I got “blup blup blup” and the pump was dead. Upon further investigation, Ken pointed out that my adapter was 100 watts, and the pump required 250w. Again, oops.

We went in search of a power outlet and found one in the public restrooms. This was before our walk around the campsite. By the time we got back…the bed was much closer to the ground…which meant that we had to re-pump it before bedtime. So when we went to bed, we layed on a slowly deflating airmattress in comfortable weather.

The first time I woke up, I realized that I was closer to the ground. The second time I woke up, I pulled the sheets around me a little tighter. The third time I tried to conserve/share body warmth. The fourth time, I woke up Ken because I was freezing. We busted out the blanket and I slept moderately until I woke up again to frozen toes. Eventually when ACTUAL wake-up time came…I was really cold and infinitely happy that Ken made us get a blanket. There, I said it, he was right. Blanket = lifesaver.

Check back tomorrow for details and amazing pictures of the hike.

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