Blogger Bandwagon

Now that I’m actively blogging again, there are all these wordpress blogs popping up on my facebook newsfeed.  It’s like when you buy a new car, and all of the sudden there are 10x more of the same model on the road than there were the day before your purchased it.  It could be a situational perspective…but I could be just hopping on a new trend.

Since blogging has transcended from the “unrelatable” category to the “totally cool community” sphere for me – I’ve been reading all kinds of blogs.  There is really a new form of uniqueness and self exploration and representation.  And it’s providing new challenges.

I used to be an anonymous writer.  I used to write ambiguously.  Metaphorical, unrealistic, and definitely not entertaining.  But when I moved to Boston and began chronicling my exciting adventures, I learned that I loved to story tell!  I really love recapturing moments, and providing elaborate descriptions for expired experiences.

My blog is taking me through an identity crisis analysis.  Not in that mushy, overthinking personal way.  In the “where does my blog” fit way.  This is something I’ve been asking myself since I started jotting down “blog ideas” a month ago.  Am I exciting enough to keep recounting amusing/entertaining/mundane Bostonite adventures?  I think this just came to me….but my ideal blog would be rampant with readers and crazy New England adventures – and people would invite me to their events (read: via press pass, not your neighbor’s BBQ invite via facebook) because they know that my blog recaps would provide free publicity for their events.  And then I could just “review cool things” on my blog….yeah, I think that would be ideal.

Maybe that’s why there are two different words to describe “ideal” and “real.”  But I can dream aspire!  But what I also like about Blogs is the ability to be creative, and share it in a digital way.

[cue a total topic change] I have a hopeless pen obsession.  I say hopeless, because if I had it my way, I would continue to purchase pens until there is no way I could possibly use all the ink and I would be withholding super-cool writing tools from other people who could actually expend them at their full potential.  I exercise my pens through writing in my journal.  There was a couple years of brief hiatus that I jumped on the scrapbooking bandwagon, and they got a lot of exercise in that role, but now they’re back to filling volumes of pages that no one will be able to appreciate until I expire.

[resume original blogging topic] I think that blogging, while it provides a variety of forms of personal expression, completely diminishes the value of the written word.  I love the colorful pages of words that fill my journals, and I feel like the words and colors as a collective is beautiful art.  I’m someone who is constantly modifying my handwriting to develop different effects in the artistic look of my words.  Blogging, and the digital arena in general, loses the value of this.  But I’m still on the bandwagon.

UPDATE: Even Michael Phelps posted a new WordPress Blog on facebook today!  It was his sister’s….I guess having a famous brother totally helps for traffic.

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