Foodie Friday II

Hello! If you missed the first Foodie Friday, you can find the other one here.

This is the new mantra of Foodie Friday:

haha. Not really. Looks good though, yeah?

I’ve had quite a palate-full past 2 weeks and I’m excited to share my highlights with you.

My roommate-turned-friend has been a huge advocate of a particular yoga studio, which was also previously associated with a raw food restaurant.  Raw food is something I never really understood.  Mostly, my interpretation of raw food was that people survived on veggies and fruit alone.  I had no idea the culinary delectables that could come out of raw food.  Unfortunately, this restaurant has now closed, but I did get to taste some of their best dishes before they closed their doors.




All the dishes featured above are considered raw foods. This means they were not cooked, processed, or pasteurized in any way – and contain no animal products. (read: extreme veganism)

The biggest struggle with eating raw food is disassociating the name from their perceived taste. The “titles” above describe the American food they emulate…but they’re really deserving of their own name because they taste nothing like their predecessors. But that doesn’t discredit their tastiness! I used to think that “raw foodists” took chomps out of a whole cucumber for lunch, but Prana Cafe opened my eyes to a whole new variety of foods!

Next is features from Katz’s Deli in NYC. Below is a Reuben on Rye that I split with Margeaux

and their oh-so-tasty pickles

Soooooo amazing.

Lastly….I returned to S’Mac! This time I had the Mediterranean, sans the olives:

Be swept away to the Mediterranean Sea – Goat cheese, sauteed spinach, kalamata olives, and roasted garlic. You can almost feel the breeze from the water…

You all know how cheese steals my heart.

Finally, I leave you with a repeat picture of the-best-coffee-I’ve-found-in-NYC. This is from some famous hotel, where they brew Stumptown Coffee from Seattle. The bottles claim that the brew is fresh daily, and their iced coffee is serves in these adorable chilled bottles


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