Vacation Part II

If you missed part I of my vacation, don’t worry!  You can catch up here.

After our Friday adventures was the day of the actual wedding.  The day before the wedding was grey, and the day after the wedding was rainy – but the day of, the weather could not have been more perfect!  Cloudless, sunny, and warm.

I had a blast


My sister and I both took turns dancing with our Daddy


Why do I look so much more serious??


Congratulations to the happy couple!

(North Photography)

The next day, my sister and I did the coolest thing ever. We went ziplining through the canopy in the mountains of Smugglers Notch. The Notch was a windey, steep, narrow road that was a BLAST to drive. It’s so windey and dangerous that it’s not plowed during the winter, they close the whole road all together. While we had a blast going thorough, mom did NOT (she’s not a fan of heights). Check out our trip highlights:

We pretty much had smiles on our face the whole entire time


Carrie coming in on the shortest zip, which provided the best photo-op


This was a wobbly bridge we got to traverse


And us at the other side

I had a smile like this plastered on my face the whole trip


There were two rappels, which were definitely a tad bit scary the first time. But, of course, awesome



Overall, we called this trip a win


When we got to Boston on Saturday night, I introduced my parents to Vegan Pizza.  It was tasty, delicious, amazingness (duh).  They liked it too!  But on Monday, the 4th, we woke up early and had a huge day ahead of us.  We woke up super early and headed down to the Esplande in Boston (after stopping for coffee and bagels at my favorite coffee shop).  I assumed it would get busy here, but I had no idea how busy….

We got there around 9am.  The lines were so long, it took my sister and I over 5 minutes to walk the whole duration of it.  We weren’t sure what was going on, as we thought the wrist-band station place opened at 8:30 – but no one was moving.

We then found out that the oval by the Band Shell (where the Boston Pops performed) didn’t get a view of the fireworks.  The line was to get into the oval and that’s what the wristbands were for.  However, the performance was amplified on speakers all the way down the river, so matter where you were you could hear The Pops.  But, as it was, only 3,000 people got into the oval (and our chances of making it in were looking grim), so we settled on a spot at the edge of the river.

I had no idea what to expect for this adventure.  But once we got there, we knew we were not going to sit all day.  Mom and I decided to run to Marshalls down the street to find a blanket to “claim” our spot.  It was a good thing we did too, that place filled up fast!

We ended up purchasing a large table cloth, anchored by water bottles, and left for the day.  We set out to walk the Freedom Trail


I was the designated tour guide, so at each of the 16 spots I read a blurb about the location and it’s historical relavance


I had no idea I was being photographed until I loaded these on my computer


Appropriately, we made some pit stops at places along the way. Like bookstores


And importantly, Mike’s Pastry


This was my sister’s #1 priority while in Boston (and I don’t blame her!)



(sidenote: you can tell we’re related because we both have those ADORABLE forehead wrinkles…)

At the end of our tour, we had lunch at Scholar’s in Boston. No pics. But amazing food.

Back at the Esplanade, the sun was still out and it was HOT.  We made the best of it


We had picturesque skyline views


And waited anxiously patiently for the main event. We snuck in some Champagne to sip with our feast



(check out our CLASSY tablecloth…haha!)

We were among 800,000 according to later news reports. Well, we believe it. Between both sides of the river, and all the boats, there was hardly any space



Any grassy squares that you see in those pictures were full of more bodies by the time the fireworks started.

Overall, it was absolute madness, but so much fun! It was an iconic experience, definitely a bucket-list type of thing. Even though we didn’t get home until 1am, and had to fight to get on the T with the rest of those people, it was very memorable. An amazing vacation!!

Check out my Foodie Friday post for details about our last dinner together before my family left.

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