Summer has officially arrived here in Massachusetts, and I couldn’t be more psyched.  Literally, the weather is like an oven when you walk outside and it’s so refreshing!  I never knew that I would welcome heat, humidity, and cloudless days with such open arms.

To be a little melodramatic, I wasn’t sure this day would come!  I remember a handful of nights last summer where I took ice cold showers, and slept with wet washcloths draped over my body and the fan on high to try and get sleep – but I was beginning to think those days were an imagination over exaggeration and that they’d never come this year.  But it’s here!  July is my new favorite month!

If you’ve been reading through June, you’ll notice I never posted an update about my month of June goals.  Originally, I anticipated doing a half-month check-in before talking about all my accomplishments on July 1.  But you can see that it didn’t happen.  I didn’t give you any updates.  For those who need refreshers…these were my June goals..and below I documented their status:

  1. Maintain weight loss averages –this was moderately successful.  I maintained and even lost 2 more lbs when working out, but the sickness really put a wrench in my flow, and the holiday didn’t help.  I think I broke even on the scale.
  2. Run 65 miles –such a terrible fail that I won’t even tell you what my mileage was.
  3. Workout Schedules –I did this for about 2 weeks, but kept changing them daily!  It was nice to have a system, but I’m so hooked on working out that I’m not one of those people who have to “Schedule it to do it,” therefore I’m always modifying my daily social schedule to fit everything in, including the daily workouts.
  4. Blog! –This also wasn’t nearly successful.  I think I averaged 1-2 a week, which is half of what I wanted.  BUT – I have lots of new posts planned so keep a lookout and you’ll see this improve in July!
  5. Bike –Nope, my bike is still unfunctional.  But I’ve picked out a helmet and a repair store, so all that’s left is GETTING THERE.
  6. Put together workout outfits the night before –With all the changing in my workouts, this also didn’t happen often.  When it did, it made my morning smoother, though!
  7. Calorie Counting –Expectantly, this slowed when I started eating more poorly, and when I got sick.
  8. Music  –Fail.  End of story.

So that was such a dramatic disappointment, I hesitate to do the same for next month.  But I’ve decided to treat this the same way as I do my workouts.  I dropped the ball – I didn’t do it right.  But why beat myself up over it?  Move on!  Do better tomorrow next month!  That’s why I have new goals for the month of July:

  1. Bike! – helmet and bike repair will occur in July, otherwise the bike season will pass me by.
  2. Running – instead of a mileage goal this month, my goal will be to do 2-3 running workouts per week, weather is HIIT Running, street running, treadmill warmups/cooldowns (at least 2 miles), track running, or any other variation
  3. Blog – I’m going to keep this goal the same, and try to aim for at least 4 posts per week
  4. Maintain Fitness Level – the scale doesn’t affect how I FEEL.  I don’t care what I weigh, but I want to maintain my progression toward a more FIT lifestyle and body.  Who cares about the scale?  Not me.  I care about the mirror.
  5. Music – New song

I have lots of new ideas lined up for the blog – so stay tuned.

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