I’ve taken a lot of family vacations – and with my family we do a lot of tropical, southern, warm locales.  However, I think when I get to come to Vermont, I’m so infinitely overjoyed the whole time I’m here that this is definitely my favorite place to escape to.

The place we’re staying is in Stowe, VT and it’s so beautiful.  There are tons of cute restaurants in town that we wanted to try.  I went to this adorable small organic market with tons of delicious tasty treats.  I’ve seen people rave about this peanut butter, so when I saw it there I had to grab it.  I can’t wait to try this with some overnight oats:

Keeping up with my family mantra…I haven’t stopped eating since I met up with my parents and sister.  I met them at the Ben and Jerry’s factory to do a tour.  We sampled their new Americone Dream flavor (for Colbert) and it was absolutely delicious!

Did you know that Ben and Jerry drove cross country in a bus – which burned to the ground, literally, outside Columbus, OH?  Apparently it was their big break; the story got them national coverage.  Regardless, they make tasty, mostly natural ice cream.  After our free sample of Americone Dream, we also got small cups of Half Baked Fro-Yo and Bonaroo Buzz to share – so tasty!

After we got to the beautiful Manor that we’re staying all – mom and dad let me know they had been stocking up on a cheese supply since they got here on Wednesday, and had bought half a case of wine.  We added to that collection a slab of oh-so-amazing geneoa salami from the fresh market and it was a tasty picnic.

After we were full (again) we decided to go for a walk and explore the grounds.

Appropriately, I brought my hoops

And taught Mom some new tricks – she’s getting good!

After our adventure, we took about 30 minutes to “get ready” because apparently we were headed back out to find a place for dinner.  Carrie and I were in charge of choosing the place, so as we drove down the road we would jump out of the car and peruse a menu to decided if we wanted to stay.  In between restaurant hopping, we stopped at this beautiful park/bridge and took pictures

Ah – yes, so gorgeous.  I think this is where I will get a run in tomorrow.

We settled on Sweet Basil, a Thai restaurant with a Martini Bar.  It was a long drawn out dinner, but completely worth it.  It was so nice to be in the company of my direct family, spend time together laughing, teasing, and smiling.  The 4 of us are great at that. But now it’s getting late and I’m STILL battling sinus pressure and an ugly cough from that cold last week, so I want to get to bed.  Tomorrow is my cousin’s wedding!  I’m so excited for them, and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous.  Until next time….adios!

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