Warrior Dash Recap

What a weekend!  As you might’ve seen, my pre-weekend activities includes a lot of Zzzzzzzzzzzs.  An unexpected (and unwelcome) bug creeped up on me and caused me to spend my day off Friday in a Nyquil slumber.  But let’s not harp on that…

Saturday I woke up and headed to Amesbury, MA to work a Monster gig.  I was stoked to find out we were working Warrior Dash since I would be running it the next day!  Thanks to my smooth-talking skills, I didn’t have to park in the muddy lots 2 towns away (where my car would need to be towed out at the end of the day – yuck!) but got to park right on site of the festivities, cause hey “I’m with Monster.

It was pretty much a massive party hangout – with LOTS of turkey legs

Working for a Promo means a lot of things.  It means access to cool events, free parking, fun jobs, and other stuff…..Like always having product on hand:

Bear Naked was also working the event giving out Granola.  Granola is something I’ve been meaning to introduce into my life for a while.  There are some recipes I’m dying to try (like Chelsey’s Pumpkin Maple Quinoa Granola) but every time I went to Whole Foods I kind of stared at the Granola perplexed about the packaging and which was more “healthy” for me.  Thank you promo relations, and Bear Naked, for bringing this into my life:

So far, it’s been a lovely addition to my overnight oats, a convenient mid-day hunger quencher while at work, and a super tasty element in my Greek yogurt.  Although I’m still not convinced on the health factor (um..Saturated Fat?  Not a fan…) there are definitely worse things I could be shoving my face with eating.

Right on with the post – Sunday I ran Warrior Dash!  I was supposed to run it with my biggest supporter (the Boyfriend) but he got shipped off to some super-cool music festival in the Midwest.  I was really bummed to run it without him but very excited for him to finally do his “tour” thing.  This one I did solo:

Actually, I made friends there and ran it with this dude – who ended up leaving me eating dust:

The race started with an extreme uphill run.  This was fun, and definitely amped my heartrate.  Most of the participants slowed from their run at the summit of the climb, because it was a steep, muddy, slippery downhill on the other side.

Warrior Dash boasts a lot of fun obstacles….but their website lies.  It wasn’t nearly as cool as they make it out to be in the videos.  In retrospect, I counted 7 obstacles – one which was hanging tire (swings?) and completely useless.  Mostly, it was a 3 mile mud run.

I sported my Trek Sport Vibram FiveFingers, and there were times I both loved and hated them.  They were great because I was never worried about losing them in the thick viscous mud.  They were terrible because I had no traction on the Muddy downhill through the forest – which meant that I didn’t run (read: slowed down significantly) and really had to focus to keep from twisting my ankle/knee/back/face.

Pretty sure I look like a caveman….

The one obstacle I actually ENJOYED was the giant wall:

 I felt like this challenged my upper body strength (yeah!) and I conquered it.

There were 600 people in each heat. Can you find me?

It’s okay, I can’t find me either

There I am!

Here I am, victorious at the end (and maybe slipping?)

This race/event totally paled in comparison to Ruckus.  Ruckus was much more intense, harder, and more fun.  Warrior dash was a bunch of people out to beat themselves up and drink a lot of beer after running through the mud.

The smell?  It was terrible.

This was not a race for fitness enthusiasts.  It was a party.  I knew that going into it…but I guess I was hoping for more of a challenge.  Don’t worry, my next races hold a ton of challenge in them.  I’ll provide a more comprehensive calendar….later.

Not to make excuses, but I totally felt the fatigue of my cold wearing on me during the run!  I admit…I walked portions of it.  I’m just glad I finished in the shape I was in.  I also finished in the top 35% of both all participants, and participants in my age group (not too shabby….)

There were some hoopers that came out for the dash! The thing I say over and over, and people seem to still not hear, is that as a hooper you have family/love/friends wherever you go. I was smelly, muddy and gross, saw the hoops and dashed over to grab one and rock out

As soon as my jam-moment ended, the hooper ran over and gave me a huge hug – asking who I hooped with! She was excited, friendly, and really nice. Hooping and the hoop community makes me so happy!

I’m also going through a bit of a blog-identity crisis.  I need a “catch” or to find out what purpose this thing serves.  In the meantime…I’ll just overthink it and you can enjoy this super neat new band that I enjoy listening to at work:

Before I re-vamped this blog, I considered writing a blog about music I listen to at work…would that have been a flop?

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