The Stanley Cup

For anyone who lives under a rock – or hates sports – the Boston Bruins hockey team won the Stanley Cup this year. This is very exciting for many reasons:

  1. Although my fav team is the New York Rangers, the B’s are my adopted #2
  2. Being in a city that wins any major sporting event can be super exciting
  3. The Stanley Cup, unlike other sports trophies, is one single trophy that is passed along through all the members of the winning team – and given back to the Hockey People (?) to be awarded to next year’s champions
  4. So many amazing/talented/exciting/famous people have touched the Cup – and I got to see it!

Saturday, Ken and I enjoyed an alarm-free slumber which caused us to causally stir around 11am. Yep – that’s right, the Bruins parade started at 11am downtown! Hastily we became human (I’m somewhat far from human when I wake up…) and headed downtown


There were cops galore. If you ask me, I’d say they could have used some of ours in Vancouver…..


We were at the end of the parade which ended up being absolutely perfect for reasons explained below. There was no shortage of wild fans


Yes, check out those people on that overhang/roof thing

DSC_0206_2 copy

Ken and I decided that these guys came our of retirement and asked to work such a memorable event


Appropriately, the team was in Duck Boats – and Tim Thomas (MVP) and the team Captian Chara were first with the cup


They passed so quickly, I felt as if I barely got a glimpse of the Cup – the whole reason we were there!

Fortunately, since it was the end of the parade, the duck boats sat for a good ten minutes. As seasoned concert-goers, Ken and I were able to finagle ourselves right in front of the cup!



So amazing! I’m so happy for the city of Boston.

Ken and I enjoyed the beautiful spring/summer day


with a walk in the Boston Common


Ah, the life.

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