Birthdays, Beer, Bruins

I’m falling behind on my post frequency! But, I post for fun, so if it’s more of a hassle to post, it would probably be a poor post anyway.

It’s hump day and I still don’t feel like I’m fully recovered from my jam-packed vacation week. I already miss South Florida and my family – but it’s just a couple weeks before I see them again!

It’s no secret that cheese is my favorite thing to consume. The Boyfriend knows of and supports my addiction. He arranged for us to visit S’MAC when I arrived in Manhattan on Friday. I inhaled enjoyed a Nosh-sized portion of their Parisienne dish. They describe it: Mac-n-Cheese for the “upper crust”. Creamy Brie, roasted figs, roasted shiitake mushrooms & fresh rosemary. It’s addictive!


They’re not lying! It was absolutely delish!! The figs were an especially nice addition to the dish, adding a really sweet, well rounded taste to about 5 unexpected bites.

Saturday was The Boyfriend’s birthday! My goal was to give him and epic fun-filled day. I think I did pretty well!

We started with a 2 mile bike ride, a run in Gantry Plaza State Park, and a bike ride home. Gantry Plaza is in Long Island City in Queens, NY. It was a beautiful area! It’s in its developmental stages, but just one stop away from Grand Central and Midtown. Ken and I decided this was where we wanted to live – now if only we could afford a riverside condo…..

After our run, we headed back to Dave and Busters. As I’ve mentioned before, the boyfriend loves playing games. We have been lucky enough to score a bunch couple of $10 free play coupons. We played the coin push, racking in the points, and on our way to winning our Double Blender (or ice cream maker?).

Although the day was unexpectedly chilly and rainy, I promised that I would go to a Yankee game with him.

We are some of his favorite garlic fries, drenched in cheese

(the picture that was supposed to go here has been lost)
It was also a promotional game, which means they gave away some schwagg. Today’s free gift: a yankee hat. Look at the excitement on my face for wearing one:

(Unfortunately, this picture has been lost and no one will ever see it.  I swear, I didn’t delete it from his phone!)

After the game, we visited a Taqueria in Manhattan for a tequila snow-cone treat listed in Time Out New York. Their guac was so amazing – but the snowcone was only mediocre.

After a quick trip home and change of clothes, it was time to head to the Biergarten in Queens to meet up with friends


The number 3 was everywhere


Aside from his secret handshake, apparently Ken’s work friends have a secret dance they share the moves for

IMG_6507 copy

He got to see lots of good friends

We had such a blast.

The highlight of his birthday weekend came on Sunday for lunch. We visited the famous Peter Luger Steak House


Oh.My.Gosh. It was the most amazing meat I’ve ever had. Each of us got our own $4 slice of bacon. This was the best piece of bacon I’ve ever had – and it was a huge, thick slice! For those of you who don’t know, bacon is my favorite food after cheese.


We shared their Steak for Two


I was really happy when it came


Ken’s nephews came with us, which made our table full to the brim of tasty deliciousness


Finally, the Bruins! Tonight is game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals! My favorite team is the New York Rangers, but since I live in Boston, I’ve adopted the B’s as my #2. It helps that my good friend, April, is a huge Bruins fan. Specifically, she is a huge fan of Tim Thomas, the goaltender for the Bruins. We share our Goal-tender love together:

The game is about to wrap up, but I’m so excited it looks like they’ll walk away champs.

As an aside, the whole city of Boston in completely engulfed in Bruin-fandom. While I can only imagine what it’s like downtown – I came home from hooping in Cambridge this evening and stopped at my favorite Trader Joe’s for some quick food before heading home. When the Bruins scored the first goal during the first period, they made an announcement for the customers and team members that weren’t watching the game! Moments later, when I got on the T to finish my trip home, they announced the goal again on the overhead speaker! I love living in a city that is full of so many faithful fans.

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