So, yesterday I alluded to a new post about FOOD. I love food. A total foodie at heart, I enjoy a wide variety of delectable eatables on my plate. Speaking of plates, has anyone checked out the remodeled Food Pyramid turned Plate? disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, or a doctor. The thoughts below are purely my own hypothesis and experiences, and are representations of what works for me.

When I think of the food pyramid, I think of the big triangle with grains on the bottom (which I always subconsciously refer to as “carbs” – and associated with “bad”) and the dairy which was always my favorite because it had cheese (but I detest milk, so the dairy section was always “cheese and yogurt” for me). You know, that retro looking picture from the nineties? There was also vegetables. I don’t really remember what else was on there, do you? Well, this is the pyramid I learned in grade school, and it’s the trademark image that pops in my head when I think of the food pyramid:

However, at some point it was revamped into the even more confusing diagram below in the 2000’s:

In Michelle Obama’s fight against obesity, she completely dismantled the traditional food pyramid on favor of a new diagram for us eaters that supposedly is more easily digestible (pun intended). Check out her MyPlate diagram below:


There are some things I definitely like about this picture. The first is that it shows us that almost half of our daily intake should be Fruits and Veggies. In fact, of that half, it shows that the majority of it should be vegetable heavy as opposed to fruit heavy. Why do I like this:

  • Fruit is high in natural sugars. While these are good for the body, they’re also good only in moderation. Loading up on a fruit-heavy diet does crazy things for my mood swings because of the highs and lows in blood sugar my body experiences trying to even these out

The next thing I like about it is the emphasis on vegetables. I like this because I have learned to love veggies. I was the child that liked loaded baked potatoes and broccoli drenched in cheese sauce. You had to keep me far away from any peppers, onions, or mushrooms. No raw veggie was a good veggie. But as I’ve grown up I’ve learned that those green things are great! It really took a lot of adjusting to but I’ve learned little secrets that keep it all tasty.

Finally, this diagram reminds me that I shouldn’t let my cheese diary intake account for 1/3 of my daily intake (as sometimes it’s tempted to do).

Things I don’t like:

  • While it provides approximate ratios of food intake, it doesn’t touch on the essential element of portion control
  • In addition, I think healthy descriptions should be used to describe the food groups. For example, for grains it should say: Whole Grain Bread, Brown Rice, Oats, Granola, Whole Grain Pasta
  • I’m a huge advocate for making your own unique plan according to what works/doesn’t work for your body. This “one-size-fits-all” scenario, I’m not a fan
  • As a follow up to the previous comment, I am an advocate for something is better than nothing! So if it helps people start thinking about the things that are going in their mouth – then I am a huge advocate.
  • It doesn’t include snacks! Snacks are so important to keep your hunger levels down, maintain portion control, and make a foodie a happier person. Under the dairy, how about 2 small snacks?

I have a whole lot more sketched out for this foodie post, but I’m honestly impressed if you already read this far! To keep you from getting bored, I’ll save my favorite staples, snacks, and substitutes for another post. Feedback is encouraged! Let me know what you think of the new My Plate, and my criticisms.

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