Ruckus Boston, goal #1

There were a lot of events that got me to where I was today. Aside from the menial “I gained too much weight, and needed to lose it” scenario – I needed a goal. Together, with the Boyfriend, we set our sights on Ruckus Boston.

How did I train? Well, before I give you my training theories, I want to give you a little background. Infomercials suck me in and make me a believer. It’s true. I believe in the power of the Magic Bullet, the Ab Roller, and P90x (among others). So much so, that I did the full P90X program, lost a ton of weight, gained good muscle, and then completely backtracked. But one thing that stuck with me was the philosophy behind P90X called “Muscle Confusion.” I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials (or have common sense) to conclude what that means.

This was a principal that maintained prominence throughout my Ruckus training. My Theory included lots of cross training. This meant my cardio workouts included:

  • Running Indoors
  • Running Outdoors
  • StairMaster
  • Bike
  • Cycling Classes
  • Dance classes (Zumba and Fusion)
  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • P90X Martial Arts
  • Swimming

On top of this, I did all upper body strength workouts, including pushups (various kinds: regular, diamonds, under the fence, staggered arms, etc) and pullups (Parallel hands, wide arm, reverse grip, and dips), and all typical lat/tricep/bicep/shoulder lifting exercises.

The next crucial part of my theory was that Running workouts were essential for success. I thought to myself, there was no way I could do a 3.5 mile course with obstacles if I couldn’t even run 3.5 miles straight without stopping. So I set my sights to continual runs to build the endurance to last over 4 miles. This proved to be essential to my success today.

Most days, I worked out twice a day, and included one cardio workout and one strength workout. A lot of people said this was too much. I continue to disagree. When doing p90x, I learned that you can wake up super sore from the previous day’s workout – and continue to work out different muscle groups to prevent from over fatiguing any one muscle group, preventing injury, and providing proper recovery time. I never did more than 2 pullup workouts in one week. I spaced it all out, and I think I was successful.

So…..that’s how I got here:


This is us BEFORE the race. I’m all smiles, but you can’t tell I was terrified!

Parts of the course that we could view from the starting area looked like this:



We put together our stuff


And made our way to the starting line.

The first 1/2 of the run was a trail run. It felt pretty on par.

The last 1/3 or so was the really obstacle-heavy portion of the race. Check out the map below:

All in all, we felt great throughout the entire thing. We were definitely prepared, and were on an adrenaline high for most of the day.

This was an amazing experience, and I’m so glad we did it!



And we were so glad we did it in our Vibrams!


In just a mere 3 weeks, we will be doing Warrior Dash. Pretty stoked, expect more details soon!

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2 Responses to Ruckus Boston, goal #1

  1. Kathleen says:

    That’s awesome, Amanda! I read further down in your blog too, I’m glad you and Ken are doing so awesome and jealous of how dedicated to your fitness and health you are right now! I feel inspired by you and your blog, I have been tempted to start one, but need to find some dedication to the things I love to keep up a subject. Miss you, andso happy for you!

    • Thanks for checking it out, Kathleen! It’s totally addicting, and a lot of fun to blog. And it’s really neat to have something to document fun things that I do. I highly recommend it. I miss you too – I hope you’re doing well!

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