Bring in JUNE

“April showers bring May flowers showers, and June brings with it…Tornados?”

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating (I’ve been known to do that, on occasion).  There were a couple weeks of beautiful spring flowers in May:


But June is kind of a mess.  That’s right – Massachusetts is experiencing tornado warnings here on June first.  The lightning got really intense for a while, lighting up the sky every 10 seconds or so (more like every 3 seconds at the height of the storm).

For reasons stated above and below, I did not make it to hooping tonight [insert sad face].

However, with it being June 1 and all – I thought it would be a good time to post a “goals” post for the month.  I got this idea from another blog today (shame on me for forgetting which one!) and decided it’s the perfect time to start.  I have lofty goals, and while I want to be realistic about them, I also want to push myself. [insert overachiever comment here]  Am I going overboard with the () and [] today?  I’m anecdotal, you’ll get used to it.

Goals for JUNE

  1. Maintain weight loss averages – with all the working out I’m doing, it’s no surprise the pounds are slowly (emphasis on slowly) dropping away.  My goal through all of June is to maintain that average, and drop 5-7 more lbs this month.
  2. Run 65 miles – I would like my cumulative mileage for the month to be 65 miles.  Is that a lot?  A little?  I have no idea – this is a test.  I’ve never kept track of mileage before.
  3. Workout Schedules – I’m going to start incorporating the Insanity dvds into my workouts, which means that I really need to make sure I have a focused plan.  I will not be following the routine exactly as designed, as I want to continue cross training w/ fitness classes and swimming, as well as maintain strength training workouts.  A plan will help me achieve this.
  4. Blog! – I want to make sure I get in 4 solid posts a week, and put in more pictures.
  5. Bike – I am GOING to get my bike repaired and rideable this month.  Then, I can ride my bike to the gym and back.  Maybe next month’s goal will be a bike mileage one?
  6. Put together workout outfits the night before – this is something I’ve never been good at doing.  But, it’s taking up too much time in the mornings, and with my aforementioned workout schedule, this should make my mornings smoother.
  7. Calorie Counting – do it.  stick to it.  at least 4 days a week.  On the days I don’t log them in the website, I will at least write down what I eat so I can see it all in front of me.
  8. Music  – get my wiimote speaking more efficiently to my computer!  If this ends up being an uber fail – my fallback music related goal will be a new song.

I think that’s a solid start to June.

In other news, RUCKUS is on Saturday!  One of the things I didn’t include in Saturday’s Recap was the sight of the 8-foot high pull up bar defeating me.  Putting my hands up there gave me the actual feeling of what it will be like on Saturday, and it scared the begeezes outta me (technical term).  There is nothing else I can do to prepare for this – I’ve worked hard and that’s what it is.

This week’s TAPER has been somewhat challenging for me.  After Sunday’s hike it was easy to take Monday off.  My goal for the week was to do “maintenance” workouts, and only work out once a day.  Tuesday I planned a nice long swimming workout.  I logged 2500 yards, and it felt pretty solid.

Today was an arm strength lifting workout, with a touch of core thrown in at the end.  I did this workout at lunch, because I was supposed to go hooping after work.  When hooping was cancelled, it was so difficult not to go to a fitness class, or go log some miles on the track in my VFFs!  I think I really am addicted.  More on that later.

Tomorrow’s workout will be back in the pool, and Friday I’m not allowed to work out!  However, the Boyfriend will arrive as soon as I’m out of work [excited!] and we’ll enjoy a carb-o-licious early dinner, a long walk, and an early bedtime.  This week is flying by!

Do you set goals for yourself?  How often do you assess them?

I’m considering switching to early-morning workouts.  Most people say this is wonderful, but I really love my sleep.  Have you experimented with this, and what are your thoughts?

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