Eating to Coney Island

Having a long distance boyfriend can be tough.  But somehow, we seem to make it work by making the absolute best of all the time we get to spend together.  This weekend has begun with no exceptions…

After waking up sometime around 9am, we drank Chia Seed drinks for breakfast, split a Kind bar (yummm) and headed to the Astoria park for our workout.  We rode bikes to their track and started with a 3.1 mile (5k) run here:

I was so infinitely glad that we decided to sport the sunscreen today because at 85 degrees and sunny, we definitely needed it!  Around mile 2.5, the heat got really intense, and it was a complete mind game to finish it off.  Once we finished the run, we used some of the public exercise equipment to work on upper body strength:

In the end, we were sweaty, happy, fit couple!

Then we rode our bikes back to the apartment.

After a workout, I’m always ravenous.  After what seemed like an eternity, we made our way to Blue Dog Cafe in Midtown.  It was so amazing delicious!  I had the #19 Grilled Veggie and Goat Cheese sandwich on multigrain bread with tomato and pesto:

Ken enjoyed the #4 Fresh Mozerella, Roasted Tomato, and Basil Pesto sandwich:

And we also had a Fage (greek yogurt) with fresh fruit and tasty granola:

So delicious!  We had a Groupon for it, and we’ll definitely be back.

After brunch, we headed to Times Square to redeem our free $10 play passes at Dave and Busters!  Our favorite game is the…coin push?  That’s the official name, I just decided:

We won a moderate amount of tickets, but not enough to win the deluxe double blender.  We settled on candy.  The boyfriend loves candy:

Up next, the long trip out to Coney Island.  As previewed in the picture of the track above, the day was gorgeous and sunny, and warm!  I rocked a sun dress all day long, and we headed out to Coney Island for my first visit and a Nathan’s hot dog.  The Boyfriend broke his vegetarian streak by halving a Chili-Cheese dog with me.  Pretty tasty, I must say!  But at 500 calories each, we only needed half:

We looked at the water, and as a Floridian, I must admit, it did NOT look appealing!  New York City, you know a lot of things, but beaches are not one of them.  However, we did stop and take a look at the historic Cyclone roller coaster, and vowed to be back to ride it soon:

We also played some Skee Ball at the vintage Coney Island Arcade.  I must say, I’m pretty good, I kicked his butt!  However, when we played basketball, it was obvious I had no skillz.

We rounded off the night with a visit to Vegetarian’s Paradise in the Village.  Not very impressed, I must say.  Probably won’t be going back, but I did enjoy a stuffed Lotus Leaf, with fresh broccoli:

Tonight, it’s all about sleep!  Big plans for tomorrow.  I love long weekends!

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