My current goal is to create a balance in my life.  There are moments when I define myself as extremely Type A – and most of those people struggle with a work/life balance.  However, I find that my struggle is in the “life” part of that equation as a whole.  Right now, work is something I do, it’s not what I do.

However, if you were to ask me lately what I do…my only answer is “work out.”  Working out has become what I do, instead of something that I do.  Part of  me is so proud of my dedication, and the results I’m seeing (I hit -10lbs this week!), but part of me is getting frustrated at my inability to balance my current “obsession” with other things.

What kind of other things, you ask?  Well, blogging for one.  My roommate from last summer, Corey, was inspired by my original blog site and started her own.  I love her growth and dedication to her fitness/cooking blog, The Runners Cookie.  She has developed a network of friends and readers, and has even had enough to do her own giveaway!  Fitness has been something I’ve struggled with since college.  For the first time, I feel like I’m doing it “the healthy way” and I’m so excited about it.  You can ask anyone who has come in contact with me, all I talk about is my journey to fitness and healthy living.  I know my peers are getting sick of hearing about it, and bogging about it seems like the perfect outlet.  Except……all my readers are stalkers.

I know that all of my facebook friends are going to get sick of my blog-link posting quickly.  They also have nothing constructive to contribute to the process.  It’s a little unnerving to be so proud of something (my fitness) and have people interested enough in finding out what you’re up to, but not all at interested enough in sharing their story, commenting on my dedication, giving any feedback whatsoever.  I know they’re clicking through (thank you wordpress statistics), but no one has anything to say.  It’s depressing.  I’m going to build myself into the blogging community – this is something I want to grow and develop.  I’m reading lots of other blogs, and fitness blog how-tos (yes, they even have a blog for that!)

Music – this is my passion.  The is WHY I moved to Boston.  There are so many avenues that I want to take on my path to musical enlightenment that I won’t bore you with here…but I need to remember that this is where my heart is.  Whether I’m playing in an ensemble, performing with multimedia artists, writing it in my bedroom, or sketching ideas in a coffee shop – this is what I love.  Out of the academia world, without deadlines and projects and collaborators – and especially in a job that has absolutely no relation – it’s easy to let this go by the way side.  This is another piece of my puzzle that will fit into my new balanced “life.”

Writing – I find that I do my best writing in times of turmoil.  Those have been few and far between since I got here to Boston.  However, my journals are some of my most cherished possessions.  I love having something “to show” for all the emotions I’ve endured.  It helps me endure, persevere, and move through space.  Move through space, that’s a very interesting analogy.  But to me, life is all about the progression forward…and to me any forward motion is good motion.  Therefore, I aspire not to be stuck in a place or in a time – and forward motion, or moving through space can be another goal.

Hooping! Today was the first Boston Hoop Meetup.  Hooping is something that gives me such peace.  The Boston hooping community are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and I’m so happy to have them as friends.  Hooping must remain a priority.

I suppose those are the highlights of my priorities right now: fitness, blogging, music, writing, and hooping.  I’m working to maintain all of these things for a happy, better, healthy life!

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One Response to Balance

  1. Ale says:

    Hi There, you called your blog Imagination to Reality and then your last post is titled Balancing. Have you thought of a balancing process between Imagination and reality? Many people believe that even thou imagination is part of the reality they can never really coexist in harmony.I’m looking to find a point of flexibility that can help me feeling free to navigate in society without having to hide my true self.

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