Forcing a break

Although this weekend wasn’t what I expected, I couldn’t have planned it to be any better.

Friday night, I went out to 90’s night at Common Ground in Allston for a fun dance party with friends.  Dre and Lillian are moving back to Florida in just a few short days!  I hung out with them, and danced my ass off to Third Eye Blind, Lauren Hill, and Backstreet Boys.  Before I went out, I told myself that I wasn’t going to drink.  Aside from the fact that it would save money, it would also keep me on a level playing field with my workouts.

Speaking of…..Friday’s workout was a Stairmaster lunch, and a Total Body Toning class after work.  The class was very squat-intensive and my quads were totally shot by the end of the day with the two workouts.

Back to the drinking- I made it a good hour and half with just a glass of water, and was feeling decent about my decision.  Eventually though, the $4 deal got to me, I broke down and got a Rum and Diet.  It was a strong drink, but I’m pretty sure I burned it all off on the dance floor.  Around 12:30 I left to catch the last Bus back to Brookline, and took a cab to meet April for her birthday!  It worked out excellently, in that  the bar they chose was right in my neighborhood, and my favorite place to drink.  I walked in, and after a huge greeting hug, noticed April’s glass was EMPTY.  The birthday girl is NOT allowed an empty glass, so I ordered a drink for us both.  I managed to  nurse my beer for the rest of the night at the Publick House.

At last call, it was obvious that the 7 of us were not ready to end the festivities.  April had met a girl in the ladies room who was from England, and was feeling like a third wheel among the friends she came with.  April immediately insisted that she come join us, and she stayed with us for the duration of the evening.  The boys were especially amused by her accent, making her repeat fun words all evening.  At 2 am, I offered that everyone come over my place, since it was right up the street.  We all sat around for a couple hours, ordered pizza, and debated amongst ourselves.  Among the conversation highlights was trying to tell the English girl what a Slim Jim was, the controversy on how to pronounce Bowie, as in David, and most epically, The Neverending Story, which was watched at some point…

At 4am, I bid them farewell, since I needed to get up for work in a couple hours.  Saturday was GORGEOUS, and I managed to even get sunburned on my Monster shift.  Saturday night, a repeat at the Publick House, where April managed to get into an argument with a stranger from Connecticut about who drew a better strawberry.  After a blind judging, April was deemed winner, and then we moved on to the Washington Square Tavern (a favorite of my roommate Elspeth and I’s).  I DID manage to not drink on Saturday night.

Saturday’s workout was impromptu because I planned to go to the gym after work, but when your gym is at a university, they don’t keep it open past 6pm during the summer on Saturday.  This meant that I worked out in my livingroom w/ a P90X dvd, and did the super-intensive ab-ripper workout (there is a lot of “ow” going on today).  I did probably the least taxing cardio workout of the P90X collection, but wanted to wear my heart-rate monitor to see where it rated among my other workouts.  Between both the Cardio and the ab workouts, I burned 844 calories (just over an hour of exercise).  While I’m used to ~1000 calorie workouts lately, I felt like this wasn’t enough of a workout – but made a mental note for later and stuck with just the one for the day.

Today, I woke up to meet a group of women for brunch, and then headed over to the Top Shelf Flea Market.  It was so much fun, and they had really neat vintage items.  I bought this super cute dress/top

We also wandered into a closing bookstore. It was really cool, had all different types of books and different rooms according to genre. It reminded me of my favorite bookstore in Florida, Mandala, which has also closed…

I got some good finds though!

I realized yesterday that I had worked out 10 times during the week, since Monday.  Although I didn’t really feel overly taxed physically, I knew that I should probably give my body some rest today.  It was a huge mental struggle for me, because I feel like I’m in a big final push for my first race, and taking a day off was a waste, but I knew it was the best for my body.  I’ll be more responsive for the rest of the week to my workouts.  I did do a 1-hour stretch video from the P90X series, which felt good to get my blood flowing without putting any stress on my body.

Tomorrow, I’m back at it!

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