Tonight, the only thing that made me feel human again was a long, hot steamy shower, sweat pants, hot Tazo tea, and my bottle of Biofreeze.

I’m pretty sure Zeus and the weather gods have completely turned their back on Boston this spring.  The weather is absolutely terrible, and it’s really starting to annoy me (dear weather gods, I’m just venting please don’t make it worse!).  For the past 4 days, it has been cold, windy, and wet.  The forecast isn’t looking to bright either:

May weather

Now, not being a native New Englander, I recognize that you might ask yourself, “Well what does she know about weather in Boston in May?  Spring feels like it never comes.”  Ah, but that’s where you’re incorrect, friend!  I’m less than two weeks away from my 1-year anniversary with Boston, and I know that when I moved here I was wearing my cute cotton dresses, flip flops, and light jackets at night.  Yesterday it was 45!

The point of this weather post is that it’s somewhat interfearing with my training.  Through various training and running blogs, I’ve read that 1-2 “long runs” per week are essential for building up endurance for a long race (Tough Mudder).  Although my relationship with the treadmill is improving (read: still a hate/hate relationship), there is just no way that I can run consistently for long periods on them.  They do great things for my short runs, but there is something about the great outdoors that lets me be free.  My longest outdoor run was 7 miles last year with Jessica – and I’m working to run at least 1 7+ mile run per week until July when I’ll up the mileage.  But that great dream has been put on hold on account of IT’S FREEZING AND GROSS outside.

While the goal of running is to improve endurance and cardiovascular strength, I’ve really been struggling with the idea of improving my upper body strength.  I know those berlin walls:

And the monkey bars:

Are going to be my biggest challenges on JUNE 4TH.

To tackle this issue, I’ve been doing more pushups than you can imagine, lifting weights, attending strength building classes, and doing a full pull-up (yes, weight assisted) workout at least twice a week for the past 2 months.  I definitely feel the strength coming…but painfully SLOOOWWWWW.

After speaking with my mom, she suggested what I already knew deep down inside: Swimming is the best upper body workout I could dream up.  Hence, my return to the pool.  This morning, I was sore but knew that the best way to get better was to push through it (sometimes I just don’t know when to stop).

At the suggestion of Siobhan, I registered for fitness classes at my work gym.  Part of me is very skeptical about working out next to my students, but the rational part of me reminds myself that I look so young they won’t even know I’m not a student myself!  I went to a yoga class last night, and tonight went to a Plyos & Conditioning class.  It kicked my butt!  I loved it!

You know you’re in trouble  when you’re sore and tight before you even get home post-workout, hence my aforementioned date with my bottle of Biofreeze.  It’s possible that I might have done too much today by swimming 30 minutes and then doing an hour long intense plyo class at this point.  However, I’m optimistic that whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

What do you think of my workout philosophy so far?

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