Return From An Unintentional Retirement

Blogging was so much fun!  I really dropped the ball when I started slacking.  I think I got so far behind on keeping “you” (whoever you might be!) updated on my adventures that I didn’t think I could possibly keep it all up.  But I’m here to tell you – that’s going to change!  I’m back – I’m active – and I’m in a sharing mood.

Winter….well, here is your opportunity for you all to say “I told you so!”  Winter was so long!!!!!  Winter was exciting when it started.  It was beautiful, I developed a coat obsession and bought the flashiest winter boots ever.  It didn’t bother me that it took 15 minutes to go outside because of all the layers that I had to add.  I prayed for snow in hopes of a snow day.  Well let me tell you, there was no shortage of snow here in Boston this year.

Here are some fun winter pictures of my first snow day ever.  This was an official blizzard.  I surfed down the Winthrop Path steps, climbed through huge snow drifts, and admired the nature of my home that was suddenly a white wonderland.


But the darkness really gets to you.  One thing about winter is that there is a shortage of daylight.  It wasn’t as groggy and overcast as I prepared myself for it to be.  I was actually impressed with the number of sunny days!  But, when you leave work and it’s 5pm and it’s dark….there is little motivation to go anywhere but home, where down comforters, fuzzy slippers, hot tea, and warm radiators woo’d you.  All of the sudden it felt “late” and you felt like you should sleep (read: hibernate).  I started going to the gym every day after work to delay the doom that was going home, sitting on the couch, eating, and sleeping.  It worked for a while.

Winter was fun with Monster.  We got to go to ski resorts, and didn’t have to use ice in our cooler because as soon as the drinks were outside for 5 minutes, they were crispy cool beverages.  I’ve gotten to see a lot of New England through Monster.  One day, we went to snowmobile drag races.  Now, that could sound only moderately fun – until you add on the part where it was done on a frozen lake.  Oh wait, it gets better.  We didn’t gingerly walk out onto the lake with light feet…..we DROVE our MONSTER truck onto it!  Let me tell you, that day was pretty scary.  I was scared of winter that day.

Another winter success worth noting is that I didn’t get in a car accident!  I should also note that I probably drove less than 50 miles between January and April….but I still count it as a victory.  Driving on winter roads was a big fear of mine – I was that car with the Florida license plates crawling in the right lane, but I was okay with it!  Mindy (my car, for those who don’t already know) has made it another year.  I don’t think winter is her favorite season either, considering she gets buried under snow and left like that for days….i think she welcomes spring as much as I do.

For Valentine’s Day – Ken took me to my first Broadway show.  It was spectacular!  We waited for over an hour in the TKTS (sic) line, which provides ½ price ticket to day-of Broadway shows.  We were in the 6th row – orchestra section!  And, he took me to see The Addams Family.  So amazing, and such a blast!  We’re planning another trip soon, but in the meantime we have some other adventures planned for the summer.

Another winter highlight: my sister came to visit me in Boston!  We did sooo many fun things, including eating my new-favorite breakfast restaurant, The Friendly Toast, went snow tubing, walked through the snowy Boston Common, built our first snowman together, and ate tasty food.  Highlights from her visit:

Finally,  I completed my first full season as a full-fledged hockey fan.  I don’t know why people don’t watch hockey in the south (it’s so much better than Nascar!).  But in all seriousness, some of the most fun I had this winter was becoming a whole-hearted New York Rangers fan.  I’ve been to 5 games this season, including a Playoff game at Madison Square Garden (the only winning game of the series), and also including one game in Boston with April Ness, a new Boston Bruins fan.  I feel as if I’ve reached “official” fandom when I go to games without  the person who got me into hockey (my boyfriend).   I also am completely and hoplessly obessed with our goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist.  I was a fan of his maddd skillzzz the first time I saw him play – and it was only later that I learned he was hopelessly gorgeous.  Even later, I learned that life got better, as Henrik is a twin (there are two of him!)  Okay – that’s enough girl moment – I’ve probably discredited all my claims of being a fan with that obsessive banter – but if you’ve seen me watch a game, there would be no question!

And I’ve decided that it’s pointless to record my daily “life” here in this blog – which is why it will take a new turn here this summer.  I’m training for 4 military-style obstacle courses, which range  from 3 to 12 miles in length, and a barefoot run.  This blog will serve to document my journey to fitness.  I’ve been working out about 9 times per week, cross-training and working through all types of challenges, to make it to the ultimate pinnacle – Tough Mudder.  Please see the video below – and stay tuned for my journey!

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