Yep, I’m still around!

So I’ll probably continue to rave about how convenient, safe and wonderful the Bolt Bus from Boston to NYC is, but tonight I write to you from a word document because the wifi  is too slow to load even my gmail account.

I come with apologies for my long, inexcusable absence – but I promise to make up for it with details of extravagant adventures.  During my last blog, I wrote from the sky enroute to California.  Let me tell you what a welcomed relief THAT trip was.  They had told me (and by they I mean my boyfriend who perpetually hates Florida, therefore I dismiss any of his opinions on the subject) that it gets just as hot in Boston as it does in Florida during the summer.  And not only that, he promised humidity as well.  You can imagine how stunned I was when the first heat wave came, and I was forced to sleep with a cold rag on my forehead because I don’t have A/C.  I was convinced that the rest of my summer would be as miserable.  Fortunately, in the middle of that misery came my trip to California, complete with 70 degree weather and CENTRAL A/C in the hotel!  I didn’t get to do any sight-seeing but I met a ton of my boyfriend’s family (and although one of this cousins married a white girl, I was pretty much the only white person, haha!), ate some authentic Mexican grub, and thoroughly enjoyed my hiatus.  His cousins were awesome, and we definitely got to party it up.

Ken's Family

This is apparently a tradition for them

The next exciting adventure in my life came with the discovery of Ladies Eighties.  My usual routine on Tuesdays includes clamoring on the T with my oversized hula hoops, sometimes to the dismay of other passengers, to the Boston Common where I meet with fellow hoopers to socialize, learn new tricks, and generally spread the hoop love.  In an attempt to find a place to grab Sangria after with new friend and converted hoop-lover Jessica, I stumbled across a webpage sporting an event that promised a FREE 3-course dinner with $10 worth of beverage purchases.  It seemed too good to be true, but after a skeptical call from Jess, we learned that it was just as it promised without any hidden catches.  You bet we went!  And, not only was it “house salad” and boring entres.  Oh no!  The salad was mixed greens, and a delish homemade vinegarette, the meal was Pasta Primavera (or you could get chicken and garlic mash), and closed w/ an amazing slice of Key Lime Pie.  AND, if you attend each week (which we’ve begun to do), they have a rotating menu!  We also purchase pitchers of Acai Sangria, all for the lovely total of $10/person (up to $15, you know, depending on how much Sangria we drink that night!)  Oh right, and the most important element: they play eighties music!  It’s a classy establishment.

We’ve had all kinds of fun things happen with the Hoop  Meetup in the Common.  One week, we had an acrobatic German family come, and the father did all sorts of crazy lifts and exciting things with the kids.  He also held them up by their feet while they hooped!  See pictures was crazy!  We also had the hoop meetup from JP (Jamaica Plain, for all you non-natives. It’s another part of the city that does their own meetup).  I learned how to spin poi, slightly.  It’s still dangerous, in that I’m guaranteed to hit myself in the head at least once, but it was definitely more do-able than I originally thought!

I also spent a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard w/ a high school friend of mine on her sailboat.  It was gorgeous, I felt like I escaped reality.  There was a sailboat race that I participated in w/ them on Saturday.  It was a terrible route, and we ended up scrapping the race and partying instead, but it was so cool!  It was my first experience sailing, and I had a blast.  I also went swimming afterward in the harbor, and while they claimed it was like bath water, I thought the water was freezing!  We sailed w/ an all-girl crew on the Dutch Maid.  I want to go back again this summer, but it’s proving a little complicate and summer is drawing to a close much quicker than I wanted!!!

The view arriving on the ferry

It was such a gorgeous day!

All-Girl Crew aboard the Dutch Maid

Although this is skipping ahead if I were presenting my life in a timeline, I got a very interesting part-time job!  I am an official Monster Promoter, in that I ride (eventually drive) the huge monster truck to social places and hand out free (full-size) samples of Monster energy drinks.  It’s a really simple job, it pays well, and has an incredibly flexible schedule, in that I only work when I want to!  And, I get to look cute.

I’m going to draw this post to a close, because it’s definitely nearing that too-long-to-read length.  My goal is to update at least once, if not twice a week, from now on.  There is so much more to tell!  Although, I must sadly admit my pictures will have a touch less of that “professional” quality to them because I’m turning over the Nikon D40 I’ve had all summer back to my boyfriend, whom it belongs to.  It’s a sad parting…but I might be able to buy my own soon!!

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